The Ultimate Squat

$ 39.95

Product Description

Discover the Best Exercise Equipment For Home

  • Perform the perfect squat without needing a spotter.
  • Burn fat and boost your metabolism through squat training.
  • Take advantage of the squat movement’s high muscle activation.
  • All you need to use the Ultimate Squat is a typical door frame.

If you’re searching through workout equipment for sale online for the next best exercise equipment for your home workouts, then look no further. The Ultimate Squat provides effective fat-burning workouts through a patented design that ensures good squat form for maximum benefits. This at home fitness bar is the perfect addition to your home workout routine whether you yourself are a personal trainer or you have never exercised in your life. Squats for beginners are simple with the Ultimate Squat’s easy-to-use design, and even experienced athletes will really feel the difference. All you need to use the Ultimate Squat is any standard doorway, so you can exercise at home, at the office, or anywhere else where there’s a door frame!

  • Patented design
  • A portable workout bar
  • No permanent fixtures required